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Why Did Lily Allen Cry?

The Bump Show host Angus O'Loughlin brought his mum in to speak to Lily Allen and what she said made her tear up!


Professional Makeup Artist Turns Five Average Men Into Beautiful Women

Our friends at BuzzFeed managed to convince five of their male employees to have a very dramatic makeover… and the results are very surprising!


Dad's Heartfelt Apology Letter To All Stay-At-Home Mums

A dad who now fully understands what it takes to look after the kids full-time has written an honest and heartfelt apology letter to all stay-at-home mums.


Best Invention EVER: Microwaveable Spray Cake Batter!

If you’ve ever been at home craving a bite of cake but couldn’t be bothered baking or going to buy one, this is the invention for you!


Cardboard Stories: The Truth Behind The Homeless

A lot of people have prejudices about the homeless… but this powerful video proves why it’s important not to judge a book by its cover.


Baby Sleeps In A Bed Of Snakes

The video that has us all worried.


John Legend's Inspiring Message For Women Everywhere

The powerful message all women need to hear.


16 Unbelievable Marketing Fails That Got People Fired!

Marketing is one of the most important factors in guaranteeing the success of a product… but what happens when the person in charge gets it completely wrong?!


Erin McNaught Is Pregnant!

Makes Announcement With Cute Instapic

The Bump Show

That's What She Said: Directioner's Ultimate Confessions.

20 Reasons Why One Direction Fans Are The Best Fans In The World


Ariana Grande Heading To Australia!

“Arianators” get ready!!! Ariana Grande has just announced that she is heading to Australia in September!


Is The Voice Rigged?

Doubts Raised Over Anja Nissen’s Win


What does "Human Barbie" look like WITHOUT make-up?

Ukrainian Model Reveals MakeUp Free Bikini Selfie