Taylor Swift Kept The Crowd Entertained While On Jury Duty

Taylor Swift didn’t make an appearance at the MTV VMA’s yesterday, but she definitely made an appearance at jury duty today.


A Woman DARED To Step In Front Beyoncé On Stage

It’s basic rules of living… don’t touch the art… don’t touch Beyoncé… or get in her way. Duh.


‘Pretty Little Liars’ Has Been Axed!

This morning the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ cast came together to make a special announcement and it has sent fans into a frenzy.


Married At First Sight Star Spotted On Tinder

So we are not against a swipe to the right on Tinder, infact we are all for it but sometimes you can get more than what you bargained for when it comes to who is swiping back at you!


Blac Chyna Just Did A Nude Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Blac Chyna has stripped down for Paper Magazine to do one of her most exposed and raw interviews yet.


No MTV VMAs For Justin Bieber

Bieber couldn't care less about the MTV VMAs, he was up to MUCH more exciting things!


Hamish Blake Heads To The Bachelor Mansion This Week Dressed As A Toddler

This week our own Hamish Blake is heading into the mansion with a date he has planned just for Richie.


Gene Wilder, The Original Willy Wonka, Has Passed Away

Tragic news this morning as we learn that Gene Wilder has passed away at 83-years-old.


Did Drake & Rihanna Make It Official At The MTV VMA’s After Party?

What’s better than attending the MTV Video Music Awards? Umm.. hitting up the after parties.


Why Did Justin Bieber Return To Instagram?

Our national nightmare is over.


MTV Video Music Awards Best And Worst Dressed

The MTV Video Music Awards are here once again!


Taylor Swift Is Actually Doing Jury Duty

Our minds are officially blown.


People Respond To Kanye's Speech

It was confusing and all over the shop, so as always we look to the internet to explain


Blue Ivy Gets Sassy With Mum Beyonce

NO-ONE gets sassy with Beyonce... apart from Blue Ivy!


P!nk's Throwback Is Everything Great About The 90s

In honour of the 2016 VMAs, P!nk just posted a throwback pic that's almost unrecognisable! Oh how times change!


What Did Rihanna Whisper To Drake?

Are they dating? Are they just friends? Well one thing we know for sure is how Riri feels after Drake...


Teen Dies From Hickey Given By Girlfriend

A love bite isn't something you'd expect to be dangerous, but a 17-year-old has died as a result of getting one.